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How to Lead in Your Relationship

By now, you have an idea why it’s important to provide leadership in your romantic relationship. You understand the difference between leading and being dictatorial. You also recognize the signs a woman gives when you’re not stepping up to lead as much as she’d love you to.But how do you handle a situation where your woman simply won’t let you lead? What causes it, and what’s the way out?To get answers to questions like this, the first thing you should know is that, in many ways, your relationship will be a mirror of YOUR leadership. Therefore, the most crucial aspect is how you are leading yourself in your life.Do you have healthy routines? Do you have a structure that you abide by? Are you disciplined? Are you doing the things that you ultimately want? Can you make healthy, sound decisions for yourself, your finances, health, well-being, career, or your business?Another critical question is: are you honoring your commitments and practices? You could boil it down to this: how are you actually allowing yourself to be positively influenced by yourself?Answers to these questions will indicate how you’re influencing, leading, and creating direction within yourself as a man.Your answers will also determine …

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